Start using the new electric maintenance book! You can add your customers cars, bikes, machines and devices into the service regardless of make and manage their maintenance easily and quickly. In the service you can see all your customers' devices and the latest services at a glance. The service is free of charge for the first device and for 5 devices accuired by authorization. By buying the Pro or Pro Plus package you get a wider range of features for an affordable annual price. Buy Pro 19,50€ and Pro Plus 99,50€ and you can serve all your customers better than ever before!

Adding services

First you add your customers machines and vehicles to the service. When logged in to the service, the customer will see the essential information and all maintenance done by you in real time. You can also get service authorizations and maintenance reminders from your customers. Maintenance is easy and fast to do in the application.

The electric service book is safe and reliable. During maintenance the system automatically creates a date, and it cannot be changed later. You can scan the old traditional service book and save it in the vehicle information.

Automatic maintenance watch

Add a maintenance reminder for your customers car, for example for the annual car maintenance. On the same time you can send an email reminder directly to the customer. The automatic maintenance watch is only available for Pro and Pro Plus users. Free users can direct the maintenance reminder to themselves only.

Transfer of the service history

In the application, the owner of the devices, controls the information!
This enables a transfer of the service history in case the ownership changes. The electric maintenance book is easy to transfer to another user of the application and it increases the value of your stock.

Choosing of service package

You can choose your package depending on your needs. Paid service packages you can pay with credit card, in your internet bank or with a traditional paper bill. You immediately get access to the service and can start using the electric service book right away.

You can start your membership for free! You can easily upgrade the service package to suit your needs at anytime, by going in to your account settings.

If your company has alot of customers and staff, you can give access to the service for your staff.

Using the application is easy and fast. Take a look at our video preview or register at the top of the page and get started!

– For all machines and devices

– Maintenance always on time, you can conveniently check the latest maintenance history

– You can add maintenance and services yourself or authorize your staff or workshops to do maintenance to your devices

– Transfer of maintenance history

– You have the option to make multiple authorizations for the same device

– You have the option to make multiple maintenance reminders for the same device

– You will never forget maintenance or inspections when the devices have been added the most essential maintenance reminders

– Adds to the resale value

– Application is very easy and fast to use on a phone, tablet and computer

– Free/affordable and a reliable application